Areas of Pandapa Island

Main Square:

The main square consists of 333 plots of land, which is one of the rarest and most valuable plots of land in Panda Island.
You can create any type of user in this land. Such as office, house, entertainment center, shop, etc., this land is very valuable.

Entertainment center:

Entertainment centers include 666 pieces of land where you can build entertainment centers such as amusement parks, arcades, swimming pools, etc.
and receive money for using them.
Recreational centers are one of the rare lands of Pandapa Island, but you certainly cannot work with one piece of land from this area, and you need to buy several pieces of land to start making money from it.

Business center:

Business centers include 1111 plots of land.
Trading centers are highly recommended for base owners. Because you can have the biggest marketing of your life. By purchasing a piece of commercial land, you can establish your business there.
For example, in the real world you have a restaurant, you can move your restaurant on your land and you can advertise your restaurant and sell food to the people of Pandapa Island.
Suppose they say that restaurant x has a restaurant in the metaverse! How attractive can marketing be?


Penthouses include 1666 plots of land. This land is one of the most luxurious land in Pandapa Island.
In this way, 30- to 60-story towers have been built in these areas, and if you have a piece of land at the highest points of these towers, you will be awarded a completely luxurious and beautiful unit that you can live in and except Be the most luxurious in this area!
Of course, those who have a piece of land in other centers will definitely buy a penthouse.
Panthouses are for luxuries.



Residential areas include 5,555 plots of land.
This area has the lowest price among all areas because you can only do residential construction in it. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's worthless.
By owning one of the houses here, you can become one of the citizens of Pandapai and get all the benefits. You can also find new people and do many other things.
Even if needed, it is possible that your area will be commercial or recreational in the future.


The Littoral area includes 666 plots of land.
This area is one of the most popular and rare areas of Pandapa Island because you get the beach point of this island.
There are many things you can do in coastal areas. Like building a beach resort (jet ski rental or...) to make money from others or building a beach house to rent to others.
It is very easy to make money in coastal areas! Another advantage of this area is being away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you can see the sea completely. This is very attractive!


Pandapa Island has a sea up to a specified distance.
There are all kinds of fish and sea animals in this sea, which are divided into 3 parts. The most expensive and rarest area is Pandapa Island, where by buying a part of this sea, you can do a lot of things like fishing, pleasure ships, building ships, oil tankers, etc.
The most profitable jobs are in this area because it is the best area of ​​Pandapa.

Now you probably understand why Pandapa is said to be an amazing island with a great future!