Pandapa photo gallery

Several photos have been taken in the life of Pandapas! It is very good to see them and get to know them much more. Read the description of each photo in this gallery.
Imprisonment of Pandapas by humans:
Pandapas search for some food:
Pandapas are left alone in the destroyed planet and have suffered a lot:
The pandapas are building a home on the island they built in the metaverse:
Here the Pandapas were not yet evolved, but they were very kind to each other and lived a good life together:
Pandapas are moving around Pandapa Island by motorbike:
Pandapas fought over their lands:
Pandapas playing poker:
Pandapas studying and learning a lot of science from their master:
Pandapas learning the martial art of kung fu:
The Pandapas learned about time and invented the clock here:
Pandapas celebrating and rejoicing daily:
Pandapas fighting and fighting with each other:
Some Pandapas have religion and are worshiping:
The leader of the Pandapas giving a speech to the islanders and laying down new rules for the island:
Pandapas invented the internet and server on the island:
Pandapas were so advanced that they were able to invent the human brain:
Pandapas observing the earth and the dominion they have over humans:
More photos- Coming Soon...