A. Treasury
The PandaPA Island treasury releases $PNDP every day. Part of which is released to daily tasks, and the other part is injected into PandaPA Island DAOs.
The replenishment of the world treasury is mainly in two ways: part of the commission from the official sale of NFTs, and the world tax contributed by the secondary trading
B. Land owning and renting
Users who hold land NFT assets automatically obtain voting rights for the PandaPA Island DAO.
Land can be leased to creators to run businesses, and the rent is determined by the market supply and demand.
C. Store operation
Owning or renting a NFT can open a store in the virtual island. Both land owners and operators will receive $PNDP rewards based on activities and transaction volume.
D. Staking to Vote
Islanders can stake $PNDP to get voting rights and get staking rewards at the same time.
E. Island events
The Island regularly organizes island events. And participating users can get $PNDP rewards.