Land purchase gifts

One of the charms of the Pandapa project is the many gifts in this collection! Because Pandapas value those who join them! That's why he gives them attractive gifts.

It is said that these gifts are given only in the first phase of the project. In later stages, these gifts may not be available.

Token reward:

If you mint each land, you will receive a package of tokens from the table below.
The number of tokens and packages you receive is completely random!
The packages we have considered for 4-phase airdrop mints are based on the following table.
Number of Airdrop packages
Number of $PNDP tokens
Total number of airdrops
100 packages
10,000 $PNDP
1,000,000 $PNDP
500 packages
5,000 $PNDP
2,500,000 $PNDP
1,000 packages
4,000 $PNDP
4,000,000 $PNDP
1,200 packages
3,000 $PNDP
3,600,000 $PNDP
1,500 packages
2,000 $PNDP
3,000,000 $PNDP
2,500 packages
500 $PNDP
1,250,000 $PNDP
3,200 packages
Total : 10,000 packages
15,350,000 $PNDP
There are 3,200 empty packages that have 0 tokens in the form of airdrops. These packages are multiplied on your nft.
All airdrops in Q2 2024 phase will be paid to nft holders right after token creation.

Mint reward:

If you mint any number of lands, you will receive gifts according to the table below.
These gifts exist only in the phase 1 of the Mint project (the old community support plan).
Total mint
gift received
Total land
Mint 5 land
1 gift
6 land
600 pixels
Mint 10 land
4 gift
14 land
1,400 pixels
Mint 20 land
10 gift
30 land
3,000 pixels
Mint 30 land
17 gift
47 land
4,700 pixels
Mint 50 land
30 gift
80 land
8,000 pixels
Mint 100 land
80 gift
180 land
18,000 pixels
Mint 300 land and up
350 gift
x + 350 land
x + 35,000 pixels
A pixel on Pandapa Island is equal to one square meter in the real world.
By buying more lands, you get more gifts and your chances of getting rare lands also increase.
Gifts will be given at the end of phase 2.