Full Story PandaPA

In the year 2030, a nuclear war has destroyed life on Earth and all living things on Earth have been wiped out.
In the meantime, only one race of mutated and developed pandas, called Pandapa, survived. This breed of pandas was created by humans with artificial intelligence technology.
Before the World War, Pandapas had become so intelligent that humans had imprisoned them and tortured them.
Life on earth had completely disappeared and all species had completely disappeared. They were able to escape as life on Earth disappeared.
but they soon realized that no place on the planet was suitable for life.
All the resources were gone and the Pandapas were looking for food on the ground to survive! But they did not find anything.
They formed a professional search group to search the entire surface of the earth and find food. They succeeded.
But while searching on the surface of the earth, they encountered two surviving babies of the human race!
The Pandapas knew they needed the intelligence of humans, so they took the two babies with them and looked for a suitable place to live.
They also chose the names Charlie and Harley for the two human babies.
The pandapas finally left the earth because the planet was completely destroyed as they searched all over the earth and could not find any more food and there was no other source of survival.
They were looking for a new and better place to live, but unfortunately they were not allowed to enter any galaxy.
Finally, during their search, they came across a gate that they carefully realized was the entrance to the Metaverse.
They had no choice and quickly entered the metaverse, but the gate was closed quickly!
Pandapas realized that they have no way to escape! So they went exploring the world. Although there were no sources on Earth, there were many in the Metaverse.
So the Pandapas decided to develop there and build a dream island. They worked day and night and managed to turn Metaverse into a dream island, that's why they named it "Pandapa Island".
Pandapa Island consisted of 20,000 plots of land.
The Pandavas gave 10,000 pieces of it to Harley and Charlie to raise and develop the human race in it, and left the other 10,000 pieces for future generations to decide.
The Pandapas started construction on their new dream island and tried their best to make it the best island in all the worlds. Because they were very smart and had great ideas to expand the island.
300 years have passed! Now they had a wonderful island and their race had evolved a lot.
Also, Charlie and Harley had grown up and were able to reproduce and reach 500 humans. Interestingly, Pandapas did something where people did not die and lived for hundreds of years. After 300 years, Harley and Charlie were still living.
Pandapas also had an amazing invention! time Machine This invention made the Pandapas, along with Harley and Charlie, decide to go back in time and save more of the human race to bring with them to the Metaverse.
Now they have reached the year 2023 with their time machine and brought with them 10,000 pieces of land "Panda Island".
They launched the platform to sell 10,000 pieces of "Panda Island" land converted into NFTs to humans to save more of the human race.
Now you can buy these lands by entering the platform and guarantee your future and that of your friends.
to be continued...